What is Creators Versus for?

It’s for showcasing and collecting the works of those who want to fight back against the leftist surge of hate and libel.

Where did the name come from?

From a 2017 e-zine titled ‘Werewolves VS Fascism.’ Something created by the kinds of people who think ‘Punch-A-Nazi’ is justified so long as their feelz decide that said person is a Nazi, and which was proven to be more a show of support for actual fascists/communists like ANTIFA when easy targets like 1940s Nazis were not being depicted.

What kinds of works are acceptable?

We’re looking for memes, general art,¬†and stories shorter than 10,000 words.

I’d like to submit a work.

Great. To submit a work, reach out to AgentBJ09 via Twitter or GAB, or check out our Contact page. (https://creatorsversus.wordpress.com/contact/)

What if my submitted work doesn’t match up with the current subject matter?

We’ll see what we can do to get it posted. If it matches up with a future subject, you will be informed as such.