Creators VERSUS Communists – Breakdown

This is a year-long open-call for works of this type, which will end on Dec. 31st, 2017.


To kick off this site, we’re starting with a response to the people who’ve made it their mission to wield the term “Nazi” similar to how an overactive child wields a roll of stickers, or how Jackson Pollock wanna-bes wield a paintbrush soaked in paint.

While anti-fascists were the people whom Winston Churchill warned us about many decades ago, modern communists have shown time and again that they have no qualms about using fascist tactics to destroy lives, property and reputations by means that would sink others in the courts, both civil and criminal.

Be they ANTIFA, BAMN, Black Lives Matter, CAIR, the SPLC or others, the same means apply: Intimidate the opposition, and shut down the opposition, by words, fists or weapons.

Below are the rules and subject matter for this first string of works dealing with communism.

Subject Matter

* Any group that has openly argued for or supported communist ideas, or executed fascist tactics — shutting down or DDOSing dissenting political websites and opponents; terrorizing, assaulting, committing battery, or destroying the property of political opponents or regular citizens to encourage silence and conformity, etc. — within the last few years is viable to use as the subject matter. This includes, at present: ANTIFA, BAMN, Black Lives Matter, Islamic terror front groups like CAIR, and the SPLC.

* Individuals who have made a name out of arguing for or supporting similar things, such as Linda Sarour or Mark Zuckerberg, can be referenced and mocked.

Rules and Guidelines

* This is a year-long open-call for works of this type, which will end on Dec. 31st, 2017.

* This is open to both writers and artists who’ve had enough of the leftist slander tactics and wish to express it through the arts. Any subject or genre that interests the creator is open for acceptance.

* Keep written works below 10,000 words.

* Acts of self-defense, line-of-duty violence, and community action are acceptable.

* If using a setting besides modern day, such as sci-fi or fantasy, an analog to the group or person you are referencing should be used.

* Memes are acceptable. They win elections, as we’ve learned.

* Works can be submitted anonymously if desired. (We know how shitty some leftists and ANTIFA types can be.)